Vessel Manager – Dubai

Location: Dubai | Job code: TS002

Purpose of the position

The Vessel manager is designated by the Head of Fleet management to manage all technical matters for safe operations at all times.   The vessel manager is authorised to allocate budget resources keeping all stakeholders appraised in order to achieve primary targets.

Responsibilities & duties

  • Act in accordance with the Company’s Objectives and Policies;
  • Implement the HSE management system within respective area of responsibility;
  • Ensure that maintenance and operational standards are compiled to enable the vessels to operate safely without any incident or detention;
  • Ensure that procedures are compiled to evaluate and manage changes in operations, procedures, vessel equipment or personnel and to ensure that Company’s safety, quality and environmental standards are not compromised;
  • Monitor the development and upkeep of the planned maintenance programs and its records on board the vessels and in the shore office
  • Conduct shipboard and shore-based verification of operational and maintenance records and reports of vessels;
  • Monitor the physical condition of the vessels through shore-based verification and periodic structured inspection of the vessels;
  • Ensure that necessary improvements are tracked to completion, for the vessels;
  • Conduct shipboard and shore-based verification of all applicable certification and class documentation of vessels;
  • Ensure that necessary surveys and inspections are conducted in a planned and timely manner;
  • Ensure and monitor shore-based support to vessels for timely availability of appropriate spares, materials,
  • Services, personnel and other resources necessary to carry out operational and maintenance procedures;
  • Ensure and monitor the implementation and testing of the emergency-preparedness system;
  • Ensure and monitor the implementation of an effective reporting, investigation and follow-up method to learn from near misses and incidents, and thus prevent recurrence;
  • Ensure and monitor the implementation and follow up of an effective and structured process for inspection and audits for the vessels;
  • Prepare vessels for inspection/audit by PSC, Flag, RightShip and similar bodies; follow up deficiencies arising out of the preparation and inspection until final closure;
  • Monitor the implementation of the SMS on the vessels and ensure that timely attention and feedback is provided for reports originating from the vessels;
  • Identify and verify training needs of shipboard personnel whose work may cause a significant impact on safety, environment, and operations and provide feedback regarding such training needs through appropriate remarks in the Appraisal Report and other reports to the Company’s management;
  • Handle insurance claims during the average repair period.
  • Follow technological developments of new equipment within the function;
  • Endeavour to stay updated on rules/regulations and safety standards within the function.
  • Preparing & submitting budgets to Head of Fleet Management.
  • Approve vessel expenses/purchases as per limits set by the Company & in accordance to budget approved by Management;
  • Approve/ accept purchase orders;
  • Monitor purchasing and where necessary, provide input to negotiate central purchasing contracts for the assigned vessels;
  • Participate in the assessment of operational status of vessels prior to entering into management contracts; be responsible for budgeting for the vessels;
  • Monitor the overall reliability and cost effectiveness of performance including actual cost against budgets;
  • In liaison with the Financial Controllers, verify periodic statement for Ship Operation Cost prior to submitting to Owners;
  • Ensure that periodic reports to Owners regarding ship’s technical/operational status and cost development, as applicable, are provided in a timely and appropriate manner;
  • Ensure co-operation with the Owners, commercial operators, and similar other functions and keep them informed of significant variances in technical/operational factors;
  • Ensure identification, implementation, monitoring and communication the HSE targets for the vessels and allocate resources for achieving these targets;

The Vessel Manager shall assist in:

  • Negotiations, conclusion, and review of contracts and ship management agreements;
  • Establishing, monitoring and responding to customer feedback;
  • Liaison with authorities and corporate bodies;
  • Driving continuous improvement in the Company, through an appropriate measurement and feedback process that also ensures that HSE performance aspects and targets are monitored against results;
  • Risk management including the assessment and monitoring of financial exposures, management of operational risks and vessel risks;
  • Maintaining a competent organization, and assigning authority and responsibility;


Professional experience

  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering, marine engineering or mechanical engineering.
  • Experience in maintaining maritime vessels and a supervisory background is essential.
  • Extensive sea based experience having ideally worked at Chief Engineer level
  • Extensive knowledge of ship engineering and operating systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of dry-dock procedures.

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